Scientists have discovered an unexpected effect of the anti-Parkinson's disease

An unexpected effect was discovered by the patient, receiving rasagiline, a drug against Parkinson's disease. The tool increases the level of dopamine reduces tremor, slowness and stiffness. 42-year-old woman had five orgasms a day without any stimulation, writes The Daily Mail.

Usually this drug provokes headache, chills, if it is about side effects. Just a week of taking the drug the patient has sharply increased libido and sensitivity. This has led to frequent orgasms, a reason which could be any touch. Doctors had to admit the woman to the hospital.

To date, this is the first time in the history of reception of rasagiline. Experts have already shallows other medicines and cause. As soon as the drug is cancelled, the symptoms disappeared. But it was necessary to reintroduce rasagiline as orgasms 3-5 times per day again made itself felt.

While scientists can't explain the reason for such a strange pathology. Probably the thing to increase the level of dopamine that affect sexual pleasure.

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