Scientists have discovered all the secrets of fried foods

American scientists in the global research came to an amazing discovery. It turns out that it is not always possible to trace a connection between the consumption of fatty foods and obesity.

In the present study involved more than 15 thousand people. The control group who regularly eat fried foods, never had any problems with weight. The exception was only the obese people, lies at the genetic level.

Remember that fatty foods are really harmful for the body in large quantities. A huge number of studies have shown irreparable harm fast foods to the population of countries. It is important to eat right, exercise at least a few minutes a day. By following these rules, you can live a long and happy life without health problems.

Note that earlier research done that proves the usefulness of conventional apples for people seeking to lose weight. The skin of apples contains ursolic acid, which reduces the risk of developing diabetes and liver disease.

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