Scientists have discovered a way to create artificial bones

Scientists at the University of Granada has revealed the materials that contribute to the regeneration of bones. The biomaterial consists of stem cells navel and with their help you can create artificial bones.

In theory, stem cells of navel consist of carbon, which during differentiation stimulates the growth of bone tissue. The material and the theory of its action have already been patented. To test the theory in practice in the near future it is planned to start experimenting on animals, by implantation of stem cells.

Up to the present time no one could offer a valid theory, which would in the real world stimulated the growth of bone tissue. This area is so complex that in the world there are only a few centers that specializes in this area.

The product should contain cells that are capable of regeneration of the skeletal system. So, at the moment the scientists of all the ways to promote their work, as in the case of success, implantation of saline substances in the body with a violation of the skeletal system, for the first time in history, there will be a chance to recover.

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