Scientists have discovered a special kind of bacteria in the sterile laboratories of NASA

In Microbiology constantly discoveries are made. On the eve of amazing happened. In the rooms of NASA and ESA, where supported sterile mode, was discovered bacterium, which up to this point did not know. Scientists say that this bacterium belongs to an entirely new genus. Findings were published in the International journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology.

The new species was found in the bathroom on the production of space equipment. In these rooms is constantly processing and sterilization of all surfaces. As cleansers used strong chemicals that inhibit the growth and reproduction of any flora. However, even these conditions were not killed open bacterium.

Tersicoccus phoenicis (the name given to the bacteria) has the form of berries and forms, according to scientists, a separate genus. This bacterium is special and has a 95% similarities compared with the immediate representatives of the bacterial flora. Scientists need to study the properties of open microorganism, in order to understand the peculiarities of its functioning. We already know that the wall of the microbe is very different from normal people can survive even in extreme conditions of sterility.

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