Scientists have discovered a prototype of the human eye

Sometimes fantasy and reality are converging. Scientists were able to find bacteria, which structurally and functionally resembles the organ of sight. The organism is of the genus Synechocystis can be found in most waters of the middle band. The main feature of bacteria is the extremely high degree of sensitivity to light.

Due to the photosensitivity of a bacterium moving towards a light source. Scientists named the genus Synechocystis "primary eye". Note that so far no evidence that the organ of vision in the conventional sense originated from bacteria does not exist.

Bacterial cell gets energy through photosynthesis, turning light energy into organic matter. To grow and multiply faster, the bacterium has gained particular optical properties, she began to refract beams of light like the human eye or the camera lens.

Another microorganism has drank, the special organs of movement of the light source. Scientists suggest that the bacteria has its own "vision of peace", but it is blurred and unclear.

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