Scientists have discovered a new unexplored area of the brain

Researchers from the Medical school of the University of Washington have created the most detailed to date map of the human brain. The result of this work was able to identify 100 zones responsible for various functions. Until now, the existence of these sites is known to physicians was not.

The opening is extremely important in understanding the processes occurring in the human nervous system. Still no answer to questions about the causes of most diseases of the brain. Schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy, and dementia modern medicine to treat virtually can not only suppress some symptoms of the disease.

In the framework of the Human Connectome Project researchers scanned the brain of 210 volunteers using a special algorithm. The study took into account the change in the thickness of cortex in different zones, the density of nerve cells and the activity of individual plots.

Now researchers plan to find new areas and determine their functions. These data will help neurosurgeons and other specialists from the field of medicine more aiming to influence the human brain with detection of the disease.

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