Scientists have discovered a natural enzyme that affects the development of brain tumors

One of the most destructive and common adult brain tumor is glioblastoma multiforme. Despite the latest advances in chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, neoplasms remain resistant to treatment, and the average life expectancy of patients with this diagnosis is not more than 15 months, says Medical Xpress.

Doctors from the Mayo clinic in its latest research has established a link between malignant tumors and enzyme KLK6, and said in his scientific work, published in the journal Neuro-Oncology".

According to the research group leader Isabelle Scarisbrick, during the study of the natural enzyme KLK6 has been found that its presence in large quantities in the body negatively affects the survival of patients, as well as positive effect on the development of the tumor cells.

Based on the results, the scientists offer new treatment for glioblastoma, which is the specific focus on the activity of the enzyme KLK6. As it turned out, the tumor cells become receptive to treatment after scientists were blocked receptors, to which was attached KLK6 and initiated signal about survival.

In the study, researchers studied 60 samples of glial brain tumors (astrocytoma) third and fourth grade. The fourth degree was detected elevated levels of the enzyme, as did the duration of the short life of patients: patients with high levels of KLK6 lived an average of 276 days, and low - 408.

It is on this basis, scholars argue that the presence of the enzyme in the tumor can predict the life expectancy of patients with astrocytoma.

According to some estimates, in Russia every year, causing nearly 8000 patients with the multiform glioblastoma.

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