Scientists have discovered a gene unruly hair

Researchers have linked the phenomenon of bad raschesyvaemost hair with a special gene. Some people have curly hair light blonde shade, which are very difficult to stack even using the full Arsenal of tools. Note, with age, in most cases, hair becomes more manageable. This tells newspaper the Daily Mail.

Usually this characteristic is inherited from mother to daughter. This prompted researchers from the University of Bonn to search for genetic anomalies responsible for the phenomenon of unruly hair.

In the study, were found PADI3 genes, TGM3 and TCHH. They are responsible for the shape of the hair. The first two genes determine the production of certain enzymes and affect the structure of the hair shaft.

Note, the genes TCHH, and PADI3 are present not only in humans but also in animals. The data structure in the presence of mutations in them cause defects in the structure of fur.

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