Scientists have discovered a gene pain

Experts from the University of Cambridge conducted a survey of people with no sense of pain. The life expectancy of such people is significantly reduced. Bruises, burns and fractures analgesia are not felt. Scientists have managed to isolate the genes responsible for the disease, says Zee News.

The absence of pain is associated with loss of gene PRDM12. When insensitivity to pain, scientists have found in people with two copies of the gene. In the presence of a single copy of the disease was not present.

Analgesia is also associated with the lack of groups of pain receptors. There is no receptor – no pain, falls one of the main parts that send signals to the brain. There is a connection between genes and receptors or not, time will tell.

The discovery, scientists say, will help in developing drugs that return sensitivity to pain. The lack of it harms the person and prevent him from living a full life.

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