Scientists have discovered a compound that helps with a variety of maladies

Scientists have discovered a peptide called apelin. This connection affects the development of diseases such as diabetes, pulmonary hypertension and heart failure. It turned out that the lack apelin can be compensated for by the introduction of its synthetic analogue. This will allow a better functioning of the heart and lungs, writes Science World Report.

Studies on mice and humans have shown that in heart infarction or heart attack angina detects a deficiency of this compound, which is required for the synthesis of new blood vessels and restore adequate circulation.

At the moment scientists are trying to perfect synthetic version apelin to the best of his learning and attainment of the desired goals in the form of heart or the lungs. The scientific community believes that the synthesis of drugs based on apelin in the future will become a new step in the treatment of diseases with lung and heart attacks.

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