Scientists have discovered a "break" heart gene

A group of scientists from Texas a & m University under the guidance of Dr. Hesham Sadeq made a unique discovery. They discovered a gene that, literally, breaks heart. In addition, due to the presence of this gene in the heart muscle loses its ability to recover after an illness. This discovery may bring a new approach in the treatment of heart failure. Under this condition refers to a condition in which the heart can't pump blood, which in turn leads to the fact that people can not tolerate physical activity.

Open-minded scientists of the gene tends to die after birth. Its function is to interrupt the process of uncontrolled cell division of the heart. This prevents the normal recovery of the heart after an illness, for example, a heart attack.

Conducted in the laboratory tests have shown that repeated removal of the mentioned gene Meis1, starts the process of regeneration of cardiac tissue in adult mice. However, cardiac function remain the same and not subject to degradation. According to the researchers, this gene is a transcription factor that acts as a program for controlling the functions of other genes. Meis1 keeps under control the functions of other genes, which are designed to inhibit cell division. Thus, it can be switched on and off process, during which the heart cells are divided.

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