Scientists have developed the first timer heart attack and stroke

Scientists have developed a program, which evaluates the risk of a first stroke or heart attack. The program calculates the actual age of the heart, writes Live Science.

The human heart has been studied relatively well. Affected by lifestyle, diet, heredity. It is known that from birth, the risk of development of diseases of the cardiovascular system is constantly growing. As a rule, children and healthy women are not included in the research results. However, according to leading scientists, this approach is not entirely correct.

The new device covers all age groups. The calculator will give information about the risk of stroke, will take into account the pressure, cholesterol and chronic diseases affecting the heart muscle.

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Scientists give in the case of 35-year-old smoker with hypertension and elevated cholesterol. In addition, in history there are cases of heart disease among relatives. The age of her heart will be 47 years old. Experts believe that the probable maximum age up to which it will live, will be 71 years old. However, the control pressure and cholesterol will increase the life expectancy of almost 15 years.

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