Scientists have developed nanorobots to deliver the drug to the desired point of the body

Researchers from San Diego developed nanorobots that can act as carriers of drugs, delivering the active ingredient directly into the pathologic lesion of the human body. Scientists have great hope for their inventions, and the doctors expect a better performance of the effectiveness of drug therapy in all medical fields.

Shipping drugs in inflammation allows you to avoid some of the side effects and reduce the dosage dozens of times. As an example of oral antibiotics in the form of capsules or tablets. Before absorption into the blood through the intestinal mucosa antibiotic locally acts on the intestinal flora and can cause dysbiosis. Delivery of the drug in the right place will help to avoid such complications and to minimize the risks associated with the side effects of the drug.

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The first phase of the trials of medicinal microscopic robots successfully. In a localized lesion scientists have taken the gold particles, which can easily register. For further research and clinical trials have not yet been reported.

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