Scientists have developed an application that tracks the development of the embryo in IVF

Scientists from the Clinic of the Institute Marquez (Barcelona) has created a special application that tracks the development of the embryo during IVF. IVF is an important and exciting stage in the life of parents. Often families are experiencing stress due to ignorance and misunderstanding of the process of embryo development, writes The Daily Mail. A special camera takes pictures that can be viewed on the screen of the mobile phone. Incubator of new generation has been called Embryoscope.

The zoom camera takes pictures of the embryo during the first 3-5 days after fertilization process. For an hour the camera captures the embryos three times. Potential parents can monitor this process using a smartphone application. Dr. Victoria Walker believes that the new method allows to form a bond with your child. The first tests of the incubator with a camera-microscope were successful.

All parents admitted that the method is really great and dramatic effect. Most families felt very strong emotions when viewing photos.

There is a method Embryomobile pluses and for the medical staff. Pictures help to track the status of the embryo, to use the received data in the diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes. It should be noted that the methodology makes standard IVF 500 euros more expensive. At the end of the process, parents will receive a disk with the photos.

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