Scientists have developed a way of self-identification risk of strokes and heart attacks

Triglycerides are one of the most common analyses. With it you can set the speed of blood clotting, says Medical News Today. Especially informative and useful this method for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and patients taking anticoagulants. The company Qloudlab presented a method to conduct this analysis at home, now to set the speed of blood clotting is no need to visit the hospital.

A systematic survey will establish the risk of stroke or heart attack. Despite the relatively small amount of information, triglycerides just gives an idea about the degree of risk at the moment. The advantages of this design is full mobility. The accessory attached to the phone, and a special application analyzes a drop of blood clotting. Data is written to the phone.

The method is similar to the operation of the sensor of the smartphone in contact with the screen. The results of the study in a timely manner is sent to the attending physician. Now actively under discussion: in the future, you can use the design for commercial purposes.

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