Scientists have developed a vaccine against cancer, overlying the tumor of oxygen

Experts from the University of Pennsylvania have developed a new drug for the treatment of cancer. DNA vaccine TEM-TT has a completely different action than traditional tools against cancer. The drug does not act on the tumor and the blood vessels that feed it and allowing the tumor to spread through the body. In addition, TEM-TT enhances antitumor immunity.

The vaccine only works on cells containing on their surface a protein TEM, which is the main marker of the cancer process. The remaining cells to the action of the drug is not exposed. The vaccine inhibits tumor invasion by blood vessels, interfering with her progress. The lack of oxygen slows down the process and increases the efficiency of complex treatment.

The first stage of experiments on laboratory animals was successful. Mice with tumors of the breast, cervix, bowel cancer were given the vaccine. The vast majority of animals, the development process was slowed down, stopped the formation of new blood vessels within tumors. The vaccine, according to the scientists, can be used not only for treatment but also for prevention of cancer.

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