Scientists have developed a unique therapy for tuberculosis

Doctors conducted a test of a new method of treatment of tuberculosis. Its basic feature is the reduction of treatment time. Now the drug is on the third phase of the experiment, writes Zee News. Planned to the last stage.

Scheme PaMZ consists of three drugs. Two of them are still not licensed for the treatment of disease. The new approach allows to reduce the time of treatment and to increase its effectiveness, according to scientists from the University of Keiptauna.

While PaMZ tested on 200 patients. After 2 months the disease had been eliminated in 71% of volunteers. In the group treated with standard therapy, the figure is 38%.

The method eliminates the need for constant injections and reduces the cost of treatment at 90%. In the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis among physicians spend up to two years. For the treatment of sensitive forms require 6-9 months of continuous use of drugs. This increases the risk of complications and side effects of drug therapy.

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