Scientists have developed a tool that reloads the "internal clock" of the person

A research group from the University of Manchester has developed a special pill that allows you to defeat the so-called "jet lag". This syndrome is associated with long flights, night working. The body can not withstand abrupt regime change, reports The Calgary Herald.

Scientists have discovered that there is an enzyme responsible for the "internal clock" of the human body. If you suppress the activity of this enzyme, it is possible to restart the entire biological system that will accelerate the process of adaptation to the regime change.

Dr. David Bechtold together with his colleagues developed a tablet-blocker of the enzyme Sceptile. Taking the pill reduces the incidence and severity of complications associated with the rapid change of time zones. In addition, a new tool saves the cardiovascular system from excessive overloads. Even the healthiest person is not able to adapt quickly to the change of regime. Therefore, these drugs are quite an important part of modern medicine.

The first series of experiments, researchers conducted on rodents. Animals in artificial conditions was hit by "internal clock". The lack of an enzyme in the body Capsilon allowed to adapt more quickly to changes. It is assumed that a new tool will be released to the market in the next five years.

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