Scientists have developed a test to quickly identify MERS infection

The MERS virus has managed to create around himself a lot of noise. Today died from the infection 24 people in South Korea. Smooth start and typical SARS symptoms usually do not pay attention to themselves, but after a few days the patient begins to suffer from lung and kidney. Detection of infection in the early stages is extremely important for successful treatment.

Scientists from China have developed a test for rapid determination of the MERS virus. While it is about using the system exclusively on the territory of the country. "Diagnosis using antigens is much easier to handle... For comparison, diagnosis using the polynucleotides requires extracting RNA from the cells that need time, additional expertise and special equipment", - commented on the situation with the diagnosis of the virus Zhang Jun, a specialist in infectious diseases.

One health worker can spend about a thousand tests for MERS infection per working day. The first steps in the development began at the end of 2014, the system is almost ready for mass use.

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