Scientists have developed a test to detect hypertension pregnant before the first symptoms appear

Experts from the company Inform Bioscience started cooperation with the scientific staff of the Mayo clinic. Scientists plan to test the clinical analysis of urine, for which you will be able to diagnose pre-eclampsia. This condition is characterized by high blood pressure, writes The Independent. It is noteworthy that the test will reveal hypertension before the first symptoms appear. Will the development on the market for over a year and a half, promise creators.

With their words, until the world has no analogues test. Vaci is diagnosed by the symptoms. In severe cases of preeclampsia can result in miscarriage or disease of the pregnant woman. Pressure is a symptom faced by every tenth perforada woman. In 2% of cases the symptoms are very serious.

The main symptoms of pre-eclampsia: high blood pressure, swelling, protein in the urine. All this can cause a coma or stroke. Every year from the disease dies 500 thousand children and 80 thousand women. Pre-eclampsia is an extreme condition to the fetus. Together with hypoxia, it becomes a cause of epilepsy, deafness, blindness and lung disease.

The test determines in urine biological marker that appears before the first symptoms of the disease. As a result, physicians will be able to start treatment at the earliest stages.

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