Scientists have developed a "smart shoes" for people with Parkinson's disease

Scientists have developed special shoes that facilitate the movement of people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease". One of the manifestations of the disease is the restriction of motor activity, feelings of inability to initiate movement, reports New Scientist.

Interactive system gives tips and hints in the direction of a sick person. In one toe is integrated laser pointing direction. Laser calculates the trajectory of 50 centimeters forward. As a result one foot hedging another.

In insole of shoes scientists have built in sensors that measure pressure. When the foot touches the ground, turns on the vibration, stimulating tactile sensations in the feet. It helps patients with Parkinson's disease to increase tactile sensitivity while walking.

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The first tests on three volunteers were successful. Now, scientists expect global research on the effectiveness of their development. If successful, the "smart shoes" will be on sale in early 2015.

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