Scientists have developed a "smart" insulin for long periods

Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology have developed a new form of long-acting insulin. Now the drug passes a series of tests. Scientists call insulin "smart", it circulates in the blood and is activated when it is required by the body, writes the BBC.

First experiments on animals have proved the effectiveness of the drug. Insulin acted on the whole day. It is assumed that a "smart" insulin will become a new generation drugs for patients with diabetes of the first type. With this type of disease in the body is observed absolute insufficiency of insulin: the hormone simply stops producing beta cells of the pancreas.

Patients with diabetes of the first type should always receive insulin therapy: prolonged and rapid insulin. Today, there are so-called insulin pump, repeating the work in the normal pancreas.

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"Smart" insulin is injected once a day and is activated when necessary. This method should protect patients from hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, to free them from the calculation of the dose of the drug that is an integral part of human life with diabetes of the first type.

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