Scientists have developed a similar meat for vegetarians

Scientists from Europe are seriously engaged in the development of new products for vegetarians. First of all, they have paid attention to the meat, which, as you know, vegetarians not used at all. Similar consists entirely of vegetables and has the taste and smell of meat.

Product scientists called "LikeMeat", the main target audience of this "meat" is the vegans and vegetarians who want to remember the taste of the product. In addition, vegetable meat you can impress your friends, introduce them to a new culture. Such meat stored for a long time under normal conditions, completely environmentally safe and manufacture of the product does not require sophisticated technology.

The presence of the word "meat" in the product name has nothing to do with the use of meat in the product. Similar consists of vegetables, the smell reminds meat. One of the advantages is the relative cheapness. The developers believe that the product will be of interest to meat Allergy.

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While "LikeMeat" is being developed in laboratories, but in a short time it is possible to organize a mini-factories for the preparation of the product in large quantities.

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