Scientists have developed a prosthetic arm controlled by thoughts

Specialists from Johns Hopkins University have created a prosthetic hands of a new generation. Robotic device is controlled by thought and has a number of advantages over dentures previous generations.

The main feature is the ability to control an artificial hand using the power of thought. People only think in what direction should move his new hand, and the device is a Discerner of the thoughts and moves the prosthesis. In the same way are grasping movements.

Tested the prosthesis 40-year-old man by the name of the Forest bow. In an accident 40 years ago, he lost both hands. The series of operations allowed to activate muscle activity and to secure the prosthesis to the body.

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The most difficult step for men has become a learning process. To learn how to control an artificial hand using the power of thought - not an easy task. It's hard to say and future development. It is possible that a new generation of prostheses will soon be more accessible and perfect.

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