Scientists have developed a powerful drug against all types of flu

A team from the University of Washington plans to present to the world a new drug against influenza. On the effectiveness of it should surpass all currently existing drugs, including Tamiflu.

All the modern drugs and vaccines against flu, there is one serious drawback. He is associated with the variability of the virus. It is impossible to develop the right vaccine for the epidemic season without information about the structure of the virus that is circulating in a particular country or region.

While scientists have the results of trials of a new drug on rats. The drug helped the rodents to survive with minimal complications. Animals without the drug quickly died from exhaustion. According to the results, a single dose of the drug HB36.6 is more effective than 10 doses of Tamiflu.

The tool operates in two main protein of the virus: hemagglutinin and neuraminidase. Scientists expect that the drug will show efficacy in clinical trials in humans, and the study will not reveal the drug apparent side effects.

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