Scientists have developed a new tool from Alzheimer's disease

The company Anavex Life Sciences Corp eve said, standing one step away from testing new medicines for Alzheimer's disease on volunteers. A drug called Anavex 2-73 has already been tested on laboratory mice.

The study showed that mice that were regularly consumed small amounts of the drug, had a more active state of the brain and memory loss was much slower than in the control group. Scientists say that the drug has a protective function in relation to the nervous system and helps to resist oxidative processes in neurons.

In addition, the observed acceleration signal on the conducting system of the brain. However, the concentration of beta-amyloid protein with the drug did not decrease. This connection is one of the indicators of Alzheimer's disease, and is responsible for some of its manifestations. Some scientists are convinced that the key to treating the disease lies in the reduction of the concentration of the protein.

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