Scientists have developed a mobile sensor for diagnosis of cancer

Research in the field of Oncology pass with success. Not so long ago scientists have learned how to diagnose cancer by breathing person. Now experts from the Cambridge company Owlstone present mobile sensor that can recognize markers of cancer. So far, we have only a prototype, but two years later the light will be the first working version associated with regular mobile phone, writes The Daily Mail.

Previously, the company was not involved in the development of medical devices and involved in the identification of impurities and traces of explosives. The new sensor consists of a microchip that is programmed to search for cancer markers. Scientists emphasize that the new device has a high sensitivity, the diagnosis can be installed in any biological fluid.

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Already tested the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis in humans. The device is easily distinguished cancer patient person healthy. The new method significantly speeds up the process of diagnosis, making a diagnosis of cancer, regular screening can be performed for each patient at admission to the hospital.

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