Scientists have developed a method to lose weight without counting calories

Instead, the researchers propose to consider eaten pieces of food. Volunteers in the study counted the number of eaten pieces and tried to stick to the recommendations of nutritionists. As a result, during the month of overweight people lost an average of two kilograms, writes The Daily Mail.

An experiment involving 61 volunteers lasted four weeks. People were asked to write how many times during the meal they brought a fork or spoon to his mouth. According to the recommendations, the volunteers had to drink a certain number of SIPS of fluid, to measure any dishes in pieces. To avoid the temptation to choose the greatest spoon, the researchers advised the subjects to bite off one-third less than usual.

30% of the volunteers abandoned the experiment, leaving it to the end. They failed to count the bites and throat. Others have achieved noticeable results. 4 weeks many of them had formed the habit of limiting yourself in food, and the need all the time to keep score anymore. The scientists ' conclusion is simple: in order to lose weight, you eat less.

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