Scientists have developed a method of reading thoughts

Special thanks to the developments based on MRI (magnitone resonance imaging) and mathematical models, scientists from the Netherlands from the University of Nijmegen is now able to read the simplest thoughts of the people. The program is based on brain scans, evaluating changes in the thinking process.

In assessing the activity of small areas of brain HH mm (voxels), which are located in the occipital part of the brain, professionals built the system response of the Central nervous system to the visual stimuli from the outside.

The test group was shown a visual symbol in the form of letters. In parallel, work was done on the creation of a common database, where each letter of the scientists picked up a single type of the brain's response to it. Scientists have been able to understand how mathematical visualization when performing higher nervous activity.

It turned out that the developed algorithm allows to understand what gaze at the man, capturing the change in activity of certain areas of the brain in the image.

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In the future, scientists want to increase the resolving power of the apparatus to 15,000 voxels with 1200. This will give a new impetus to the development of understanding of the processes of the brain. It will be possible to extract from the consciousness of more complex images, such as faces and objects. There are suggestions that in the near future this technique will be able to read the emotional and sensual part of the mind of man, to convey subjective experiences.

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