Scientists have developed a method of diagnosis of breast cancer by a blood test

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women. After 40 years, the physicians are advised to undergo mammography to all women every 1-2 years. It helps to detect cancer at early stages, when you can do safe methods to treatments. The accuracy of mammography reaches 75%. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen have developed a method of determining breast cancer by a blood test. This simplifies the process of diagnosis compared to traditional mammography, says Zee News.

In based on technology of food research, when in a single analysis conclusion about a large number of biological substances. Scientists conducted a study of the total composition of blood and has identified a range of changes that are specific to breast cancer.

In the blood of breast cancer play an important role combinations of biomarkers and biological interaction. A preliminary study confirmed the effectiveness of the method: this is a blood test predicts risk of breast cancer for 2-5 years with an accuracy of 80%.

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