Scientists have developed a method of determining the age of a person by likes Instagram

A group of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have created a unique method for age determination of network users Instagram the number of likes under the photos. The results of the work done, says Engadget.

Data were obtained is quite obvious. Adolescents are more just worried about the attention to his personality in the social network. They are the group, constantly chasing the huskies. Children warm up attention to their posts and worry when not enough comments or "hearts".

Adolescents aged 13-19 years were more demanding of their own photographs in comparison with a group of adults. Many children use a special fixture, fltri and generally are well suited to keeping the account. Adults usually have so much time on social networks is not isolated. There is only one exception – business publishing and advertising, bringing real money.

Yet the researchers note that the majority likes in Instagram note just viewed the pictures. In rare cases, "like" - proof indeed approving assessment of the photo plot.

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