Scientists have developed a method for determining allergic to Nickel

Specialists of the National Jewish health center in Denver has created a special test that will help determine whether the patient is allergic to Nickel. The fact that the majority of implants, knee and hip joints made of this metal, which causes some people have allergies. According to doctors, the number reaches 15 percent of the total population.

There are cases when after the operation for setting the knee or hip implant in people who did not know about his Allergy to Nickel, health sharply deteriorated. This phenomenon has forced experts from Denver to develop a new methodology for the analysis of blood, which gives the opportunity to identify potential available before the operation. If the test is positive, then the patient will be given the opportunity to choose an implant made of a different material. This will give the opportunity, first, to save large funds that will be required for re-operation, and additionally, just not to expose the patient secondary to surgical intervention. Scientists hope that the new method will be authorized for use in two years.

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