Scientists have developed a fast-acting cure night cramps

A group of scientists from America introduced a new drug for the treatment of muscle cramps. Admission medication reduced their intensity three times. Zee News writes: the product will stand up to help not only athletes but also people with multiple sclerosis and night cramps that interfere with sleep.

"Until approved drugs against night cramps no. For a new drug is worth serious study. In was based on evidence that seizures caused by excessive neuronal activity in the spinal cord that control muscle contraction", says Nobel laureate Rod McKinnon.

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The drug inhibits the activity of neurons responsible for the development of seizures. The effectiveness of this method was confirmed in a study with artificial induction of convulsions by using electrical stimulation. In the main group after taking medication, the intensity of the seizures was reduced three times. The effect lasted for 6-8 hours.

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