Scientists have developed a drug that kills the measles virus once and for all

Scientists have presented an experimental drug ERDRP-0519 against measles virus. Despite mass vaccination, the virus kills up to 150 thousand people per year. To date, the drug has successfully passed the stage of testing on dogs. Now the queue for testing on monkeys and man. Preparation for release should take about two years.

The vast number of measles cases associated with non-vaccination. For actuation of natural protection from the spread of the virus is needed 90% of the vaccinated population. In Europe this figure stands at around 60-90%. According to statistics, every third, not vaccinated with measles man, upon contact with a pathogen infected.

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A new tool blocks the replication of the virus activates the immune system and allows the body to form a protection against the virus. The tool will be useful to people who had contact with the virus but no symptoms of the disease.

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