Scientists have developed a device to convey emotion through the air

Engineers from the University of Sussex shared preliminary information about its development. Gadget stimulates different parts of the brush, resulting in people feeling a range of emotions: sadness, fear, happiness, or excitement. Information the device comes with wireless Internet, writes The Economic Times.

In the core of the development of the Ultrahaptics system. It creates a sense of touch in certain areas the palm. Scientists give an example: stimulation of the area of thumb and index finger, the middle part of the palm increases the excitement in most people.

The volunteers were asked to undergo the experiment. Every picture had to come up with the emotion and associate it with a particular area on his arm. The second group of two people selected the most appropriate method of stimulation offered the first group.

The third group was a blind experiment. Scientists were able to convey the necessary emotions without pictures, exclusively by means of the device in contact with the hand.

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