Scientists have developed a device that can stop airborne infection

Bashkir experts have come up with a device for disinfection of large volumes of air in public places. They put an ultraviolet lamp, metal body and pump. Get the system through which an hour is pumped and disinfected 15 cubic meters of air. Now developers are negotiating the installation of the device in the Moscow subway and other public transport.

Bactericidal recirculator reduces the risk of human infection viral and bacterial infections transmitted by airborne droplets. Influenced by the device and the risk of transmission of TB from people with the open form of the disease.

At the moment, the Moscow authorities are conducting the fight against the spread of infection. The air in the subway periodically disinfected by the ultraviolet light. The cars in idle disinfected by special means. Wet cleaning stations are on schedule. If necessary, all users of the Moscow metro will be given wet wipes for hand disinfection.

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