Scientists have developed a device for the rapid closing of the developmental fractures

Scientists have proposed a new apparatus for closing of the developmental fractures. In the gypsum structure built ultrasonic sensor that sends pulses of low intensity. The system itself has been called Osteoid, reports The Telegraph. In addition, the gypsum construction has openings that allow the legs to breathe.

The developers promise the acceleration of the closing of the developmental fractures by 40%. Just 20 minutes of ultrasonic treatment on the day to improve the metabolic processes in broken bones. The device will be useful for complex fractures, when the standard cast does not produce results in the long term.

Bandage the new generation is made of safe materials. You can take a bath. It is noteworthy that the bandage several times thinner and lighter than traditional plaster.

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Ultrasound system with a bandage can be modeled individually for each patient. Comes to the aid of the scanner body. Today Osteoid is the concept, however in the future it is possible the widespread use of the development.

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