Scientists have developed a capsule that replaces colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a procedure for examination of the large intestine. Some patients refuse its passage by reason of pain or discomfort. Soon they will have an alternative in the form of capsules from the company Given Imaging, reports NBC News.

Man swallows "the pill", within which is embedded camera and microcomputer. During its passage through the GI tract, the doctor can detect the presence of tumors, polyps, ulcers. The capsule works from small batteries and shoots at a high speed for eight hours, which lasts study.

Pictures are sent to a laptop computer, which the patient wears in the pocket with him. In 2001 the methodology approved by U.S. officials, however, the first versions of the device took pictures of poor quality.

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The machine from the Given company aims to reduce the number of patients requiring colonoscopy, but not able to undergo this procedure. The cost of one of the capsules is about $ 500. Only in North America, the creators plan to rescue up to 60 million until 2019.

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