Scientists have developed a blood test that determines the likelihood of developing tuberculosis

A widespread worldwide disease – TB annually causes the deaths of about 2 million people. According to medical statistics, today the number of people infected with the tubercle Bacillus that causes the disease, exceeded 1.7 million. The good news was published by Zee News – scientists opened an innovative blood test to determine the likelihood of tuberculosis.

According to the source, the experts at Stellenbosch University conducted a study with the participation 4466 volunteers with HIV-negative indicators. After examining blood samples from the subjects, scientists have determined high risk of active tuberculosis within 2 years in people with 4 functioning genes from the group "RISK4".

The accuracy and reliability of the developed analysis is enhanced by the consideration of several markers for the disease. Scientists hope that their development will help to increase the effectiveness of preventive measures, prevent the development of tuberculosis in patients at high risk.

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