Scientists have determined who most often gets in an accident

Scientists conducted a global study, which found that among men, the risk of accident is higher. Particularly, this phenomenon is expressed at a young age. The pension age in the accident most likely to be women.

The conclusions made by Spanish scientists in the survey of residents of Catalonia. Just in the survey took part 10 of thousands of drivers. Journalists journal Accident Analysis & Prevention write: that young people often get into an accident and get injured severe and moderate severity. Over the years the situation has changed.

It is likely that young men too carelessly relate to their lives, exceeding the speed limit, violating traffic rules.

If we talk about older women, they get into accidents mainly because of the lack of driving experience, which is superimposed on the reduced concentration while driving. In addition, older women increased fragility of the bones, which slows down the recovery process after a disaster.

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