Scientists have determined what the purchase make a person happy

Experts from the University of Michigan research University and the University of San Francisco has established what the purchase make a person happy. In the age of consumption this question is particularly urgent and important.

Researchers conducted a global survey of people returning from shopping centers. Each purchase has been evaluated from the point of view of the pleasure and sense of satisfaction.

First, the experts have divided the items into groups. In the first group were material things (clothes, appliances, furniture), the second - purchasing-related Hobbies (musical instruments, sports equipment). The third group of products included tickets for concerts, exhibitions, tours to distant places.

It turned out that most of all people were happy about the purchases associated with their Hobbies. In second place - new experiences (travel, concerts). Material goods are only in the third place and lots of fun.

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Scientists advise to spend money on new experiences, Hobbies, and to temper his passion for the purchase of new equipment and clothing.

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