Scientists have determined the optimal dose of alcohol for men

Scientists have proven that if a man drinks more than twice a week, the risk of ischemic stroke increases significantly. Sobriety and a healthy lifestyle is the basis of longevity.

Evidence suggests that frequent consumption of alcohol (more than two times per week three times increased risk of stroke. It's all in high blood pressure and toxic effects of alcohol on the body in General and the brain in particular.

Scientists have observed for 2,5 thousand men for over 20 years. Most of the volunteers belonged to middle age category. It turned out that moderate alcohol consumption is good for the health of the real man. Of course, we are talking only about the cardiovascular system and fault. The usefulness of other beverages has not yet found any official confirmation. Increasing the frequency and quantity of drinking increases the risk of stroke.

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Real men know how much alcohol they want. However, it should not be neglected by the academic Council: drink no more than twice a week, and it is better to reduce consumption of alcohol to a minimum.

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