Scientists have determined the best month for conceiving a child

A group of scientists from Indiana University in the framework of a large-scale study has determined the optimal time for conception. This required data rate to 52 million pregnancies. The work itself took scientists 12 years.

The best months for conceiving the child were January and December. In the later stages of pregnancy the fetus conceived in this period, receives the highest dose of vitamin D required for healthy bone tissue.

In addition, affects the choice of products available for pregnant women. In the last months of pregnancy especially required vitamins from plant foods that is most available in summer and autumn.

Scientists have identified and months, are suitable for making the child not so much. This June, July and August. At this time, emissions from factories and exhaust fumes of cars have a toxic effect on the fetus. In the first months of the mutagenic power of toxins most pronounced. In winter, when it is time for a woman to give birth, and increased risk of colds.

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