Scientists have determined the age at which it begins to get old professional computer player

Some computer games require great endurance and concentration. The most striking example is the discipline of StarCraft 2. Professional players make up to 200 actions per minute, which requires extreme focus and concentration. As you know, over the years, these figures fall.

Scientists from Canada Simon Fraser University found that about 24 years Pro computer sports begin to deteriorate. At this age marks the first "delayed reaction", thinking and coordination. This player is already not keeping up with younger pros.

Data scientists have proven in the course of the experience, comparing gaming performance 39-year-old gamer and young cyber-pros. On average, every action of the "veteran" was required for 150 milliseconds more time. It would seem that the number is insignificant, however, in StarCraft even this delay affects the outcome of the game.

Scientists advise professional gamers after 24 years to approach more closely to the training or to change the scope of their interests.

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