Scientists have determined that the guilt and obsessive thoughts

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is one of the pathological disorders of the human nervous system. It is expressed in the emergence of Intrusive thoughts and obsessions. Often these thoughts interfere with a person to perform the usual case, sometimes they are scary. To get rid of the obsessions people with OCD have resorted to other, more mechanical, less Intrusive actions. The result is a vicious circle.

Scientists from the College of Goldsmiths and the University of Winchester has tried to uncover the secrets and obsessions of a man, writes The Daily Mail. They found that people with OCD are particularly strongly developed structure of the brain associated with anxiety and guilt. This area is responsible for the sense of responsibility, self-identification, self-incrimination in immoral situations. It is proved that the area of preclini the psychopaths are fairly small in size.

The research assistants conducted the examination of the brain of people with OCD varying severity. In the pathology of human sharper senses guilt and anxiety. In severe forms of the disease formed the high activity in preclini cortex. Scientists have noted, the stronger were expressed anxiety symptoms, the higher was the activity in this area.

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Now scientists are trying to understand how you can act on the brain of patients with OCD, to deliver them from obsessive thoughts.

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