Scientists have determined that the dependence on mobile phones leads to a breakdown

The Times of India has published a new study from the University of Kent, who conducted a series of tests and surveys about the impact of mobile phones on human health.

Dependence on mobile technology, you can see at a glance, such people can not boast of a beautiful body and health. Young people, more than an hour a day, spend in contact with the mobile phone, are passive, most often they have a sedentary job, and as entertainment and way of transmission of the free time they choose the TV and video games.

Accordingly, the absence of periodic physical exertion leads to cardiovascular disease, weak bones and muscles, reduces blood volume and there is a feeling of constant fatigue.

The organizer of the research was Michael Joyner from the Mayo Clinic, who noted that, even if you want to start the exercise, people who have been addicted to mobile phones, quickly throw up their hands and quit physical exercise, as I feel a lot of fatigue. Alternative physical exercises most choose Smoking, alcoholic beverages. Joyner offers to bring this disease to the list of diseases that must be treated. As the medications he recommends to write directions for practice, where patients will be assigned a gradual increase in physical activity: low doses of physical activity and gradually approaching the norm.

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