Scientists have determined how the body depends on genetics

Current data state that the type of shape – the so-called "pear" or "Apple" is not simply the ratio of waist and hips, but also determines susceptibility to various diseases.

According to Health Line, people whose "problem" area is the waist, are more prone to metabolic disorders. So, the internal organs of the physique of the representatives of the "Yabloko" is also covered with the fatty deposits that cause a number of serious diseases.

Scientists conducted a study of genetic variation of about half a million people. Then the variations were mapped to the circumference of hips and waist. So, scientists are interested 230000 variations.

24 variants of them said, that person will inherit the type of shape "Apple", which has a negative impact on metabolic processes in the body. The body of this type are "encoded" for storage of fat.

However, scientists urged to lead a healthy lifestyle that minimizes risk for any genetic predisposition to a certain body type.

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