Scientists have determined how much you need to sleep children

In the new study, doctors tried to figure out how many hours sleep you have a small child, that his body has fully recovered. In the majority of families to children's dreams are simple, considering that the child himself better than the rest will determine when to sleep and Wake up. However, scientists have made this issue more rigid regulations to be followed.

According to the study, children under one year need about 16 hours of sleep a night. With the growing amount of sleep decreases. To two years the child usually sleeps not more than 14 hours, to five – 10-13 hours. Children 6-12 years of sleep on average 9-12 hours. Dream teenagers is gradually approaching the adult, however, scientists suggest growing body to relax no less than 8-9 hours a day.

During sleep there are two essential processes: restoration of physical strength and mental. When the lack of sleep, according to doctors, the child is slow in development, it creates additional stress, making it difficult for him to master the world with the right speed. Several scientific papers talking about the relationship of lack of sleep in childhood and the development of future obesity, diabetes and depression.

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