Scientists have determined how much sugar you can eat children

Very young children sugar is better not to give, and in the future – to limit the consumption of sweets. According to us researchers, children up to two years, sugar is not needed at all, and up to 18 years should eat no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. This writes Circulation.

The need in sweet depends on the amount of calories. Sweet should give most nutritional value of all products. For young children, sugar is bad, but for the big – big benefit is not.

An excess of sweet in the diet harms the health of children. Increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems. The emphasis in the diet should be on vegetables, fruits and dairy products. So to avoid many illnesses will be easier.

It is important to note that scientists are not talking only about the sugar but also the products in which it is contained. For example, in a small coke – 27 grams of sugar. This is slightly above the daily norm, if nothing else sweet in the day not to use.

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