Scientists have described the structural features of the brain of people with gambling addiction

In recent studies, scientists have discovered the peculiarities of the functioning of the brain of people with gambling addiction. The obtained data were analyzed and compared with the performance of the brain of healthy people.

To obtain the data, the researchers used positron emission tomography. In the first phase, we measured the level of opioid receptors. For information about their number, you can recognize the level of endorphins, the happy hormones. Opioid receptors have a lot in common with the formation of a sense of well-being. They take part in the formation of psychological dependence.

The study proved the following formula: number of opioid receptors in the brain is higher than in healthy people. Notably, no differences in the first stage, the scientists could not be detected.

In the second stage of the experiment, volunteers were asked to consume one tablet of amphetamine, a drug that increases the excitement. Substance improves mood, sociability. In the case of gamers drug gave a more moderate response and contributed to the explosive release of serotonin and dopamine natural origin.

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Based on this, scientists have concluded - gamers is much more difficult to achieve feelings of euphoria and satisfaction. This factor is essential in the formation of psychological dependence on games.

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